How to choose a Makeup Artist Course

Do you also want to join a  professional makeup course ? do you also want to become a successful makeup artist ? do you want to join the list of those famous makeup artists?

 If you want to make a career in the makeup industry and you are confused how to join a good makeup class. 

 Today  we will tell you about some successful makeup artists of the world and their interviews, which will help you in getting your career goals.

 Today you will be able to understand how to become a good makeup artist, what do we have to do, we have to pay attention to what things we should stay away from, what kind of makeup schools we should join today  You will get the answers to the questions and you will also be able to know why you join our The Redfox Academy, what matters we keep in mind, for which reasons we are better than us and the Makeup Academy

Some world famous makeup artist success story 

11. Neea Kuurne –

The heroine of our today’s story has come up with something unique that goes beyond the ordinary. She is a freelance makeup artist known for her closeup lip art works. Meet Neea Kuurne!

Neea does Makeup Courses at Makeup Forever Academy in Helsinki. She graduated more than 7 years back and from that point forward she has been working in the cosmetics business. 

Neea found the main paid customer when she actually was in cosmetics school. An amateur cosmetics craftsman got the opportunity to do cosmetics on has for two TV shows. Need recalls her contemplations on it: “Gee I’m going to get paid truly well”. In any case, nonetheless, she didn’t. “I truly trust you don’t overrate yourself out of this industry”, this is the thing that the maker said to Neha. “That consistently stayed with me, yet most consistently state as a beginning cosmetics craftsman you have to work for nothing. I thoroughly get that however I needed to get by out of it, so I never worked free, just a few times, and still right up ’til the present time — each time I have a partner with me I generally pay something to him/her”. 

Neea’s work is incredibly inventive, with an attention on one body part (lips)

Through working in the industry for all those years, Neea learned that it is important to be nice to everyone and be a professional. “At first when starting just say yes to everything. And do not ever think you know it all — there hasn’t been a day that I don’t learn something new,” – she says.

10. Bobbi Brown- 

Hers is a well-recognized name in the world of fashion and makeup! Bobbi Brown is one of the most well-established makeup artists in the world. She is the CEO of her cosmetics company, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and also The Today Show’s beauty editor.

9. Laura Mercier- 

 Have you heard of Laura Mercier Cosmetics, Body & Bath, Skincare and Fragrance? Well, Laura Mercier is none other than its creator. She started own career narvey makeup  academy .Celebrities such as Juliette Binoche, Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker look only to her for makeup. Apart from dolling up celebs, she contributes to cover designs and editorial shoots for some of the world’s most popular magazines.

8. Richard Taylor- 

He is one of the most well-known makeup artists in Hollywood. Winner of 5 Oscars, 4 BAFTAs and many other prestigious awards, Richard Taylor is the co-founder and co-director of Wellington’s Weta companies. You may recognize his name owing to his fantastic work on the Lord of the Rings.

7. Billy B- 

He is the consulting makeup artist for the cosmetic giant, L’Oreal Paris. He has worked with international fashion and beauty magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair. His creativity and flair is what has made him one of the most successful makeup artists today.

6. Pat McGrath-

She is named as one of the most prominent makeup artists in the world by international magazine Vogue. That’s saying something about her! Pat McGrath has worked with celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna, just to name a few. She is currently Procter & Gamble’s Global Cosmetics Creative Design Director.

Procter & Gamble’s Global provides world level Makeup Courses .

5. Charlie Green- 

This is a woman who has been in the fashion and makeup industry for 20 years and is still one of the leading international makeup artists in the circuit! She is the talent behind some of the most fabulous red carpet looks sported by celebrities

4. Stan Winston – 

This is the man behind the international makeup for movies such as The Jurassic Park, Predator and Terminator series. He also worked in the movies Avatar and Iron Man. His creative genius is recognized both in Hollywood as well as on the international circuit.

3. Michele Burke-

 Shadow, light, color and form is what this makeup genius works with and it is this combination that has made her one of the most esteemed makeup artists in the world. She has won 2 Oscars and 6 nominations for her contribution to make up in Hollywood.

2. Sam Fine-

 He is Fashion Fair’s Creative Makeup Director and Celebrity Makeup Artist and is well-known for his ability to use color and style to create unique looks. His work can be seen on the covers of magazines including Vibe, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Marie Claire, etc.

1.Evie Ry

Evie Ry is a free global makeup artist who is right now working in New York. She does Professional Makeup Course in Moscow, Russia and has been perceived by various Russian and worldwide magazines. She has been distributed in Vogue RU, Vogue Italy, Shape RU, Shape Romania, Rose and Ivy, EYEREPUBLIC, Resident, Jute and numerous others and furthermore has experience functioning as a film cosmetics craftsman for a couple of TV arrangement. Right now her inclinations lies in masterful exploring different avenues regarding structure and shading just as making a financially incredible picture. She adores going for her work as it’s the most ideal approach to look for new procedures and motivation, grows a nursery on the lower east side and appreciates cooking. 

“You would be surprised how responsive people are when you know what it is exactly that you want, having an idea/moodboard in mind and ready would make it much easier for people to see if you are on the same wavelength,” — she says.